Juliana Roubion

  • Juliana Roubion
  • Juliana Roubion
  • Juliana Roubion

The Juliana Roubion is the bike you will see on the EWS circuit and on trails the world over. It is a super fast, confidence inspiring bike when pointed down with the ability to turn back around and beat many of the smaller travel bikes back to the top. This beautiful machine like all Juliana bikes uses an optimised VPP linkage tuned for female riders looking for the best possible bike for their riding. 

This is your one bike wonder for those who want to do it all, but likes the confidence a little extra travel offers.


  • Juliana Roubion frame and Monarch Plus RT3, $4800
  • Roubion C S build, $7700
  • Frame Material: Carbon C and CC levels)
  • Travel: 150mm
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”
  • Use: Trail riding / All Mountain / Enduro