The Calling

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Road trippin’, turn slashin’, side-hit-jibbin’, nose-bonkin’, sprint-climbin’ attitude, that’s the Calling. It’s anti-serious technology guarantees good times 69% of the time (the other 31% you’re climbing). With 130mm Delta delivered travel through our finest formed carbon tubing, 27.5″ wheels, and trunnion-mounted-super-deluxe-rear-shock, your only decision is which colour. Push the button.

Have you ever wanted a bike that wasn’t like a bike at all? More like your favourite snowboard, or your funnest surfboard, the one that catches all the waves or trashes [pillow] lines faster than Kate Moss in the ’90s. The Calling is your answer. This bike-shaped-skateboard has enough travel to keep you honest, while encouraging you to irresponsibly hit every extra-credit line on the trail.


  • Evil The Calling frame – $4600
  • Custom builds available
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • Travel: 130mm
  • Wheel Size: 27.5
  • Use: BC XC/Trail/All Mountain/Enduro
  • Come in to talk about pricing and build options